It is written in our mission statement at Ebenezer to serve the materially poor and those systemically disadvantaged by our society. We do this with the best of our time, resources, and abilities. We focus our efforts locally in the neighborhood of Linda Vista in San Diego where our church is rooted. We also focus internationally in Malawi where we have friendship.


We are committed to walking side by side of our brothers and sisters of Linda Vista in their areas of struggle.  These include the areas of housing, financial health, immigration rights, and education.  As a faith community, we understand that it is part of our responsibility to come alongside of our friends with emergency, short term, and long term solutions.


We participate in the local and national dialogue on immigration and seek to bring humanity back to this issue. We see all people as immigrants from the Garden. We believe that immigrants with and without status are all children of God, deserving of love and dignity.


Our vision is for every student in Linda Vista to manifest their academic and vocational potential. We want our students to grow up in the schools of Linda Vista feeling safe, values, and enriched. This includes supporting our local schools and advocating for parent education and empowerment.


We put our money where our mouth is. This means we believe business and financial opportunity is important to flourishing. We help write resumes, share job opportunities, and garner support for creative ideas.


We are also committed to work on behalf of the oppressed in other countries.  At the present moment, we are working with partners in Malawi to alleviate short term suffering as well as to help develop opportunities for human flourishing.


We partner with an organization called Chisomo Idea to serve the under-resourced communities of the country. The mission of Chisomo Idea is to connect the global family in practices of faith, human development, and activism within Africa’s most at-risk communities. For more information about Chisomo Idea, visit their website here.